Special message regarding COVID-19

Hello friends,

During this trying time, we understand that dentists are being confronted with difficult circumstances, and tough choices. As the world struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us at MÜVI would like to do what we can to help our community through this crisis in any way possible.

Therefore, we have decided to waive all setup fees on all our plans until further notice. And to help even further, we have created special coupon codes to offer any of our services for $1/month for three months. Both new and existing subscribers may use these coupon codes. You will find these codes below:


No Setup Fee +
$1/mo for 3 Months



No Setup Fee +
$1/mo for 3 Months



No Setup Fee +
$1/mo for 3 Months


Please accept this as a token of our gratitude. It's our little way of offering relief in any way that we can. As always, if you have any questions related to redeeming these codes, or setting up MÜVI, please reach out to us directly. Remember, we're all in this together!

Your MÜVI Team

Educate & Promote
Patient Education & Marketing System

Easy to Use

Install MÜVI TV on any PC or Mac, connect to your TV, and press play! Your streaming videos run on an endless loop, educating your patients and promoting your services.

Amazing Content

Choose from our library of 4K education videos, professionally-created marketing segments, add any YouTube video, or your own movie files from your computer!

Get the Kit

The optional MÜVI TV Kit comes complete with a tiny, high-tech computer stick preloaded with MÜVI TV, as well as a wireless remote. Just plug it in, turn it on, and enjoy a 4K video stream!

Simple Honest Pricing

$99 / month

$99 set-up fee

Includes MÜVI TV login for one practice one location. Add movies to your playlist, play them on a loop, and market to your patients.

Built-in Content Includes

  • Patient education videos
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Pre-made special offers and discounts
  • Holiday and seasonal messages

Add Your Own Content

  • YouTube videos
  • Video files from your computer
  • PowerPoint or Keynote slides
  • and more!

Talk to us!

Start using MÜVI TV in your practice in as little as 1 business day!
Complete the form below or give us a call at 1-800-750-9956 to speak with a MÜVI TV representative about integrating patient education into your practice.

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