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What Is MÜVI Web?

MÜVI Web is a high-definition, digital patient education video library. The videos aid dentists in presenting dental procedures to patients and help increase treatment acceptance.

MÜVI videos may be embedded directly within a website and viewed by website visitors and/or chairside by patients on compatible web-enabled smart televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets. Doctors may also reinforce treatment plans by sharing MÜVI videos with patients via email. There is no limit to the number of devices or website views.

The retail price of the MÜVI Web Patient Education subscription is $49 per month. There is a $99 one-time setup fee and there is no minimum time commitment.

MÜVI Web Integration Options

  • Partner agencies may embed videos into clients’ website pages to enhance design and create a sophisticated look and feel. See sample on a live website.
  • Partner agencies may create high-conversion landing pages for specific procedures. See sample on a live website.
  • Partner agencies may add a Patient Education Center. This page may also serve as a chairside player to enable doctors to educate patients chairside and significantly increase case acceptance. See sample on a live website.

Additional Benefits of Integrating MÜVI Videos

  • Videos support SEO efforts and increase the stickiness of webpages, repeat visits, and convertions.
  • State-of-the-art patient education videos promote the message of caring practitioners, high-quality treatments, and the latest technology.
  • Creating a valuable knowledge center on your clients’ websites helps build trust and practice reputation.

Available Related Services


Bundling the videos with MÜVI TV will significantly increase your recurring revenue without requiring additional effort from your team.

MÜVI TV is a Windows and Mac-compatible app for creating custom playlists of MÜVI patient education videos, built-in marketing videos, third-party YouTube videos, and/or personal movie files to enhance patient experience in the office. Fresh, new content is added regularly.

Users may install the app on to an unlimited number of computers located within one practice location. Doctors may also create custom playlists for each op-room, to focus on specific procedures and treatments. The current standalone retail price of the MÜVI TV subscription is $99 per month plus a one-time $99 setup fee. MÜVI WEB and MÜVI TV is also available as a bundle. (The bundle retail price is $119 per month; there is a one time $99 setup fee).


The optional MÜVI TV KIT includes a mini computer stick, an air mouse, and batteries packaged together. The MÜVI TV KIT will be shipped to costumers with the latest MÜVI TV software installed on it. The retail price of the KIT is $499. Partners may co-brand the stick and/or the packaging. Additional fees and minimun quantity requirements may apply.

MÜVI Brush Up

MÜVI Brush Up is quick-glance patient education tool intended to be used to quickly educate patients and facilitate productive discussions about dental procedures. Specifically designed to fit on a single 8.5” x 11”, Brush Up can be easily integrated into existing software platforms to be displayed online. Brush Up brochures are available to describe a wide range of dental procedures and pre/post-operative instructions. MÜVI Brush Up is sold as a digital subscription and may be marketed and made available to customers in a digital format only as part of other services, such as software packages.

MÜVI Print

MÜVI Print is an ancillary collection of printed patient education and informational brochures, presentation aides, and other handouts that are meticulously designed to perfectly complement and work in tandem with the other MÜVI patient education products to increase case acceptance. Brochures are rendered using 4K technology and are printed on a durable, high-gloss stock. Each brochure includes an overview of peer-reviewed talking points relative to the subject matter. MÜVI Print is sold as a tangible (printed) product and may be marketed and made available to customers for a non-recurring, per-piece fee.

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